No worries! My motto is “let dogs be dogs”! My goal is to photograph your pet doing what they do best, just being a dog and doing “dog things”! I have lots of tricks to get your dog’s attention and lots of patience. I’ve worked with all levels of obedience and I always get a wide range of shots. Don’t let your dog’s behavior hold you back from scheduling a session.

Most dogs that I photograph are on a leash. Your dog’s leash can be removed in the post processing stage, leaving you with a photo where people won’t even realize that it was there. Photoshop is a beautiful tool!

If the weather is bad we will rebook your session as
 soon as possible. I always keep rain dates on my calendar.

It’s a big scary world and I totally understand! I will always take time to get to know your pup at the beginning of the session with treats and toys to make him or her super comfortable with me before taking out the camera. As an experienced pet owner and pet photographer, I am very familiar with canine body language, which helps me to be closer to your pup. I can also photograph your dog with zoom lenses and be more than 10 feet away while still capturing gorgeous portraits. It is important that your dog feels comfortable and confident to shine on his or her big day!

I will always make room in my schedule for seniors and cases of failing-health dogs. These “Tribute Sessions” are very special and are meant to be a celebration of your pet and the love and joy your pet has provided to you throughout the years. During our consultation, we will discuss your pet’s mobility the best location for a photo session, including your home.

Absolutely! The focus of the session will be on your pet, however I love capturing the bond between pet and owner. For a portion of the session you may be in the photos if you’d like. If you are looking for someone to take child or family portraits where the focus is on the people, I can recommend an excellent portrait photographer.

The majority of my clients are dogs, but I also photograph all pets, no matter how big or small!

We will work together to create artwork that fits perfectly 
in your home. There are so many possibilities to display your images, including custom coffee table albums or wall art designed for the style of your home. I offer large canvases and frames, acrylic, and metal wall art so you can choose something that looks fabulous on your walls and fits your style.

Digital files are a premium product and are available for purchase. Digital files are for your own personal use only and the copyright for these images always stays with Leslie Leda Photography LLC. In addition, with every purchase of custom wall art you will receive a small watermarked file of the same image that you can share on social media. (Photo albums are exempt from this.)

Please note, I cannot guarantee the quality and finish of the products you choose to print yourself or have printed from a printing service.

Yes, I accept Visa and Mastercard and interest free payment plans are also available.

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Let’s create gorgeous images together!

Creative Photography for the Dog Lover

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